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Bottom Candy Octopus tentacle fishing lures are squid flavored!

Get your favorite flavors and sizes for the big ones and be the guy on the boat catching all the keepers!

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Some nice groupers that could not resist Bottom Candy!

We are the only soft plastic flavored octopus tentacle lure company on the planet manufacturing and selling our US Patented (USD767,709) one of a kind tentacles. Our products were developed and tested in the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Keys by Captain Mike DeWitt over decades of fishing trips.  In addition to carefully chosen materials, our products are made from years  of fishing experience and a belief in giving the fish the one thing that they all can not resist, a juicy octopus tentacle. Every Captain worth his salt knows that a fresh octopus is the best tasting thing in the sea but is also the ABSOLUTE BEST bait you could use!

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When you buy one of our products, you become part of a select group of anglers. Drop us a line to let us know how it works out for you. We love to hear the fish stories of our customers, and we are available to answer any questions you have about the best way to use our products.

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We are a seasoned Captains who have fished commercially, recreationally and professionally all our lives.  Captain Mike has lived on or near the water for the past three decades and has caught over 100 different species so far.  We are currently working to educate on the immediate danger and concerns for plastics in our waters as well as the coral degradation around the Florida Keys.


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